Cadicasu History

90 years of creative thinking has made our camp a unique combination of tradition and responsiveness to the needs and aspirations of today’s youth.

What makes us unique is that people accept each other here unconditionally, for their likeness as well as their differences.

Multiple generations of campers come here because they know that it is a special place where they can fully be themselves.

camp logo sign
chapel front
red barn
medic door
old bell
Photos of the original site of Camp Cadicasu located in Bragg Creek from 1920 – 2007 where over 60,000 children went to summer camp.

swimming pool hut
1929 St. Mary’s Parish in Calgary was donated land in Bragg Creek.
1930 Cadicasu opened in Bragg Creek as St. Mary’s Boys Choir Camp.
1951 Bishop Carroll turned it into a general summer camp for boys.
1952 Girls were welcomed at camp for the first time during separate weeks.
1955 The official name of the camp was changed to Camp Cadicasu.
1956 Camp Cadicasu became a registered non-profit charity.
1950s A new chapel, dining hall, cabins and swimming pool were built.
1961 Mrs. Violini (a.k.a. “Mom”) started a 20-year relationship as the cook.
1965 Fr. Eric Nelson began an almost 50-year run as Chaplain.
1970s A co-ed program was initiated that reflected the cultural trends.
1980s Camp freshened itself up with some new buildings and upgrades.
1989 Mike Nelson embarked upon a multi-decade journey as the Director.
2006 The mess hall burned down and talk of how to continue emerged.
2007 The business association with the Calgary Catholic Diocese ended.
2008 A new location was found with Frank Walsh  as the Board Chair.
2009 Margie Schuett was elected Board Chair of Camp Cadiacsu.
2010 The new Camp Cadicasu opened for campers in Kananaskis Country.
2012 An off-season Rental Program was created to build financial autonomy.
2013 Mike Nelson retired and Heather O’Neill became the Executive Director.
2014 Our first Winter Camp was held in December to expand our program.
2015 School Programs for outdoor education and leadership were introduced.
2016 Cadicasu joined the Birdies for Kids Shaw Charity golf tournament.

The old Cadicasu we have known for many years continues to inspire new generations of campers.

In 2007, the construction of the new site began and the Board of Directors worked hard to fundraise and carry on the legacy that began over eighty years earlier.