2021 Camper Challenge

We are excited to launch our first Camper Challenge fundraiser and hope you will join this adventure to help us recover from the pandemic.

You have the power and ability to keep Camp Cadicasu strong so we can successfully relaunch all our programs. Collect pledges easily online from people or businesses who would like to support you on this journey. The challenges are based on Camp Cadicasu’s focus of being kind and loving to ourselves, each other, and the environment.

We challenge you to complete all 21 activities before the end of December.



Discuss 5 things you are grateful for with your family at dinnertime.

5 km Hike or Walk

Hike a trail or take a walk in your community for a combined total of 5 km.

Goal Setting

Write down 7 goals for 2021 to become a better version of yourself.

Clean Bedroom

Deep clean and organize your bedroom. Don’t forget to make your bed!

Top 10

Write down 10 things you are good at. Ask other people for their input.

Sit Spot

Sit outside in silence for 20 minutes and observe the natural world.


Help Someone

Assist a sibling, friend, or teacher do something they need help with.

Reach Out

Reconnect with someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time.


Enjoy a campfire with your family and teach them the Cadicasu Song.

Meal Preparation

Help make dinner including setting the table and cleaning up.

Why Cadicasu?

Send us a quick note or video explaining WHY YOU LOVE CADICASU.

Tag Cadicasu

Take a picture doing one of these activities and tag #campcadicasu.


Recycle & Compost

Be responsible for the recycling and compost for your family.


Give your old clothes and toys to someone else who will use them.


Pick up and dispose of garbage around your neighbourhood.

Animal Education

Learn all about one of the animals we use as our Cabin Group names.

Reduce Pollution

Walk, run, or bike somewhere nearby instead of driving.


Take something headed for the trash and turn it into something new.


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