Camper Comments

We provide opportunities for creating memories and friendships that last a lifetime. Our campers feel free to be themselves.

“probably the best place in the world. you can’t really explain why its so sweet, or how much the people there really mean to you. i love it there and everyone who goes there.”

Female, Age 8

Cadicasu is home. I would never want to be anywhere else during the summer! The animal game is my favourite. I definitely want to come back next year.”

Male, Age 10

“I whined and complained and begged by dad not to take me to camp. When I first walked up the front hill I was intimidated, I knew no one, I had never even been to a summer camp so I had no idea what to do or where to go. By the end of the day, I had never felt more accepted in my life. My quirks that my sisters would bug me endlessly about made my cabin mates laugh, I didn’t feel as annoying as I thought I was. I finally felt part of a community. I’ve made lifelong friends here.”

Female, Age 14

“I experienced a sense of peace and joy that I never felt before. I learned that there’s more to life than video games and that I am capable of anything.”

Male, Age 12

“I can’t even begin to describe how much camp means to me. I have been coming for six years and it keeps getting better every time! The counsellors are friendly and the cabins are great. I meet so many cool people each summer that I keep in touch with throughout the year. We all talk about how much we miss camp. School is so boring compared to being outside. I learn more at camp in one week than I do all year at school.”

Male, Age 14

Camp is my happy place. It’s always the best week of the entire summer! When I drive up to camp I feel like I am coming home. I want to keep coming back until I’m 100 years old.”

Female, Age 11

“Speechless. Camp was awesome. I love the food, the campfires, the songs, the staff… everything! This is the first place I have truly felt welcome. People accept me for who I am, not who they want me to be.”

Male, Age 9

“When I lost my sister, my family completely fell apart. The threads holding our mismatched quilt of a family together were severed. We never fully recovered. I missed what my family was, and I still miss how it used to be. But, I’ve found another one to make up for what I lost. Camp.”

Female, Age 13