Camp FAQ

We know that choosing a camp is a very big decision. Thank you for considering Camp Cadicasu as a special place to become a second home.

Yes. Camp Cadicasu is an active and accredited member of both the Alberta Camping Association and the Canadian Camping Association. This ensures that we adhere to the highest standards of camping, training, and safety possible.
No. Daily camp life includes prayers in the form of fun songs before and after each meal, but there is no formal religious instruction. We welcome everyone regardless of race, religion, or socioeconomic status. We gather as a community once a week for a paraliturgy led by the directors where we discuss characteristics of good people who treat others, themselves, and the environment with love and respect. Approximately 70% of our population is not Catholic. Please go to the Spirituality page for more information.
Yes. Campers can come for as many sessions as they would like. They still need to go home Saturday morning at 10 am and can return Sunday at 7 pm.
Yes. Grouping requests are limited to ONE friend per camper and can be submitted during the registration process. The age difference between the campers must be less than 12 months.
No. In fact, that might just be the best way to come! It leaves them open to potentially meeting the most amazing friends of their life. Our staff always make sure that everyone feels welcome and included so they can can have an incredible experience and a lifetime of memories.
No. Campers with special physical, mental, developmental, or emotional needs are advised to investigate camps which are designed to serve those particular needs.
No. We have a strict no electronics policy and there is no cell reception. In case of an emergency, parents can reach us on the camp phone.
No. Visitors of any kind are not allowed at camp. Staff are instructed to go into a lockdown procedure if someone shows up at camp, no matter how nice and friendly they appear. This policy protects the safety and security of everyone. Phone calls to campers are not allowed unless it is an emergency. If all parents tried to call their children, then our staff would spend their time coordinating this instead of focusing on life at camp.
Our staff are trained to recognize, prevent, and manage homesickness. It is common for campers to miss home in their journey to becoming more independent and self-reliant. If homesickness is severe and does not subside by Wednesday morning, we will call parents.
No. Do not send any money with your child. We are not responsible for any lost money.
Please disclose this information during the online registration process. It is not uncommon for campers to wear pull-ups at night. Our nurse does daily bed checks and discreetly washes their bedding if there are any accidents. We can put precautions in place if we are aware of someone who likes to take adventures in the middle of the night. The safety and respect for the privacy of these campers is of utmost importance to us. Our staff are fully prepared to handle any personal situation to preserve the child’s dignity. Everyone is treated as family and provided the love, care, and attention you would give them at home.