Board of Directors

The Board of Directors have been an integral part of the legacy in ensuring sustainability for a very special institution that has lasted nine decades.

Margie Schuett
Board Chair

The Board of Directors leadership has been a guiding force since 1930 in sharing their passion and belief that Camp Cadicasu is providing a safe, rewarding and creative camp experience for children. This is a testament to the significance of camp.

Margie Schuett
President, HR Committee, Finance Committee, Fund Development Committee
Isaac Faubert
Vice President, Alumni Committee Chair, Finance Committee
Frank Walsh
Past Chair, Construction Committee
Rebecca Kalmacoff
Treasurer, Finance Committee
Willis Winter
Secretary, K of C Representative
Caitlin McPhee
Director, Government Relations
Robert Schuett
Legal Counsel
James Friesen
Director, Finance Committee
Ken Veness
Director, Finance Committee Chair
Georgia Dinning
Director, Fund Development Committee
Rob Brown
Director, Program Committee Chair
Leanne Gyorffy
Director, HR Committee Chair
Karen Connellan
Director, Fund Development Committee


Heather O’Neill
Executive Director
Mike Nelson
Director Emeritus, Operations Advisor
Eric Nelson
Chaplain, Spiritual Advisor
Ryan Kalmacoff
Recognition and thanks to all who have made a contribution. The appreciation of the Catholic community cannot be underestimated as to the magnificent contribution of the men and women who have led by example inspiring thousands of volunteers.