Code of Conduct

Camp Cadicasu promotes an inclusive environment where everyone feels safe. We work hard to protect the physical and emotional wellbeing of our community.

  • Everyone is to be treated with love, respect, and compassion.
  • Bullying, teasing, and harassment are not allowed.
  • Alteration of any emergency equipment is not permitted.
  • Sexual activity or misconduct is not welcome at camp.
  • Alcohol and drugs (including marijuana) are strictly prohibited.
  • Leaving camp at any time without permission is forbidden.
  • Banned items on our Packing Lists should be left at home.
  • Attendance and full participation in all programs is expected.

The Code of Conduct applies at all times, including during any trips that do not take place on camp grounds. Should a camper or LIT breach the code of conduct, they will be asked to leave immediately. In addition, should the camp staff feel that a particular camper is a threat to any fellow camper, themselves, or a staff member, they will also need to leave. Parents or guardians will be notified and required to pick-up their child.

This is not a camp for children with special needs or high needs. We do not have the ability to dedicate the full attention of a single staff member to only one camper. If it becomes apparent that a child requires individual supervision because of their behaviour or any other issues, this compromises our ability to care for the rest of the campers. Parents or guardian will be notified and required to pick-up their child. jk

Please Note: If a camper or LIT is sent home, there will be no refund of registration fees.