Health & Safety

A healthy community is the foundation for a successful and enjoyable camp experience for everyone. We appreciate your support and cooperation.

Health and safety is our paramount concern. Our staff have Standard First Aid, trip leaders have Advanced Wilderness First Aid, and we have a camp medic on-site.

Every team member has to complete the Respect Program prior to arriving at camp for our comprehensive staff training.

It is very important to disclose any relevant medical information during the online registration process to ensure that campers are set up for success. Please notify us in advance of any changes or updates.

If a camper needs to see a doctor, parents will be contacted and required to come and pick up their child. If there is a major medical emergency, we will call an ambulance and contact parents immediately.


All prescription and over-the-counter medications (including herbal supplements) must be handed in upon arrival. They are securely stored in the medic cabin and distributed at the appropriate times.

Everything must be in original containers with English labels. If it’s a prescription, it must be prescribed to the camper. Do not take your child off their regular medications or experiment with new medications while at camp.

  • 2 Epi-Pens are Required for Campers with Life-Threatening Allergies
  • Inhalers are Mandatory for Campers with Asthma


Located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Kananaskis Provincial Park, we are situated in a living ecosystem.

There are a variety of animals such as deer, coyotes, moose, and bears who share their home with us. We cannot remove these animals from around our property. Part of being at camp is learning to navigate the natural forest landscape.

Every year, we participate in the Alberta Parks Facility Operator Program. They come out and teach our staff how to prevent animals encounters, as well as how to respond accordingly in the unlikely event of an encounter.

Lice Policy

All campers will have their hair checked for head lice and anyone with evidence of lice or nits will be excused from camp to return home for treatment. Please set aside a time to check your child’s head for lice prior to leaving for camp.

Head lice are very common. Anyone who has hair can get it and people can have head lice even without the symptom of an itchy scalp. We recommend doing lice checks of your child’s hair a few days to a week prior to their camp starting date. This will give your family sufficient time for treatment, if needed.