Cancellation Policy

Please ensure that you read, understand, and agree with our cancellation policy before registering online. We cannot make any exceptions.

As a small non-profit organization with no parent organization that provides us with funding to remain operational, we rely on our program fees to pay our fixed expenses throughout the year. We appreciate your understanding.

Camp is Open

If our camp programs are running and you would like to cancel, we will provide a refund if we are able to fill that spot. There will be no refund if we are unable to find someone and a credit will be kept on file for another season or program.

Camp is Closed

If the camp is shut down due to civil authority (as it was during the 2020 global pandemic) or for any other unforeseen circumstance, a credit will be kept on file for another season or program.

There are no refunds for campers who leave early due to homesickness. There are also no refunds available for campers who are sent home for breaching our Code of Conduct.