Clan Families

Everyone at camp is divided into four clan families. Once someone is sorted into a clan, they remain with them for life … or as long as they are a part of camp.

Similar to “Colour Wars” legends of summer camp history all over the world, clans build team spirit and challenge campers to work together. Each clan consists of both female and male campers and staff of all ages.

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Earth Element: Fire
Colours: Maroon Pink
Alberta Animal: Bighorn Sheep
Season: Summer
Direction: South

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Earth Element: Air
Colours: OrangeYellow
Alberta Bird:
Great Horned Owl
Season: Spring
Direction: East

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Earth Element: Earth
Colours: GreenLime
Alberta Tree: Lodgepole Pine
Season: Winter
Direction: North

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Earth Element: Water
Colours: Blue & Turquoise
Alberta Fish:
Bull Trout
Season: Autumn
Direction: West

There are opportunities to gain and lose points on behalf of your clan in the form of inter-clan activities and ongoing awareness games.

Clan activities happen in the evenings from 6 – 7:30 pm. For this time period the camp is with their clan family, other than that they do everything else with their cabin groups.